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T.E Global Payment Solutions (TGPS) is a digital payment solutions platform registered under T.E Markets Limited, a Holding Company in Seychelles with a presence in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, United States of America, and soon in Ghana. Riding on the introduction and utilization of the XTEMCOIN cryptocurrency to the market and the TE Markets group’s ecosystem, TGPS seeks to bring to life the African Consolidated Exchange through Inter-African trade and remittances from Africans in the diaspora empowering the African continent. With the growth of commercial activities in Africa, TGPS provides an avenue for its users and merchants to benefit from the evolving and booming trade activities in Africa.


How it works

Simplify your life - get the ACEX card and add money or withdrawal from any ATM from anywhere, in minutes.

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Fill out your application in under 5 minutes and provide KYC docs. Get approved in 24 hours.

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View your account status in your dashboard area and update your settings and change your password and learn where to view your Card Balance and transactions history.

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Deposit FIAT or Crypto directly to your ACEX Card. Start spending on your card and simplify your life!

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Card Type Monthly A/C fee
Black Card $500
Platinum Card $200
Gold Card $150
Basic Card $75
Sales and Affiliate Referral Commission Payment Structure
Level 1 20$
Level 2 10$
Level 3 5$
Level 4 5$

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